We offer the following Comprehensive Services

-Integrative or Holistic Psychotherapy
-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
-Behavioral Medicine/Health Psychology
-Clinical Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy
-Relaxation Training/Stress Management
-Energy-based Treatments, EMDR, EFT
-Mindfulness and Meditation
-Spiritual Development
-Parent Guidance and Coaching
-Case Consultation, Evaluation, and Referral
-Performance Enhancement
​-Premarital Counseling

Clients We Help

-College Students/Young Adults
-Consultation and Referral

Conditions We Treat

-Anxiety, Panic, Worry
-Depression and Mood
-Relationship Problems
-Parenting Problems
-Grief and Loss
-Work and School Concerns
-Illness and Preparation for Surgery
-Sleep Problems
-Aging Issues
-Death and Dying

Conditions Better Served by Other Practitioners

-Bipolar disorder
-Dissociative Disorder
-Personality Disorders
-Eating Disorders
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